​     Lynco Fire & Alarm was established in 2006 as a separate entity from Lynco Electrical Contracting, which was established in 1985 by Jeff Lynn.   Before Lynco Electric was opened Jeff studied very hard to pass the Master Electrician's Exam.  Jeff's wife Susie helped in achieving this goal.  Lynco Electric provided professional electrical services to high rise condominiums, homeowner associations and property management firms.   After many years of business Jeff was able to grandfather his two local licenses into a Statewide "Unlimited Certified Electrical Contractor's" license.  

     In 2006 Lynco Fire & Alarm was established with the growing demand for life safety systems installations.  New challenges lay ahead.  Jeff went before the Electrical Contractor's Licensing Board in order to qualify the new Company.  An additional Statewide "Unlimited Certified" license was issued.  In order to conduct an acceptable fire alarm company a third party certification would be required.  These would be "FM" or "U.L.", Underwriters Laboratories.  Almost an entire year was spent filling out forms and meeting all of the special requirements of U.L.  Underwriters Laboratories was the choice for our Company.

     An extremely competent office staff,  consisting of our Office Manager, Adrienne, Operations Manager, Alex, and Bookkeeper, Susie, made Fire & Alarm a profitable enterprise.  We provided our clients with great service and highly qualified technicians.  Lynco Fire is currently very active in new fire alarm installations, retrofitting of existing and obsolete systems to comply with current codes.  Service, repairs, monitoring, annual inspections, and U.L. certifications are what we do.  Our Electrical Division is involved with mostly commercial service work and new installations.  Residential projects are welcomed.  Estimates are computerized and at no cost.

    And then the bottom fell out of the construction industry.  The telephones stopped ringing.  The two Companies were too costly to manage, maintain licenses and insurances.  In 2011 Lynco Electrical Contracting was officially closed and Fire & Alarm was to remain.  The electrical license was placed to inactive, but, continuing education requirements of 14 CEU's are still maintained by Jeff.  

     Lynco Fire & Alarm relocated from our warehouse to a small office in a building.  Downsizing was the ticket.  Trucks were sold and all the "big" business frills were eliminated.  No more postage machine, no satellite trackers, or company radio's.  Adrienne, our Office Manager of seventeen years retired.  And all of the regular  management functions of the business are currently done by Jeff.